Scrolling using Zoomify

The City scroll is a long or rather high, viewed vertically, rolling up artwork. You scroll up using the Zoomify viewer. Here's help. The steps are getting to start, moving up, and navigating.

Getting to Start

When you open the Zoomify window, here are three ways to get to the start of the scroll. You are at the opening window when you go to the page, refresh (reload), press the reset reset button or press the ESC key.


first view start
Window opens showing the whole scroll. Tiny Navigator bar to the upper left, image in the middle and buttons in control bar at the bottom. Goal: start of scroll, title page: The City. You need to zoom in 100% width and scroll to the bottom of the image.

Alternative ways to reach the start


Moving up

To see The City, do one of these:


To leap up or down the image (once zoomed in), use the Navigator in the top left corner . Click inside the rectangle at the relative position of the section you'd like to view. Bottom for start. Top for end.

To return to the default zoomed out view, use the reset reset button in the viewer or press the ESC key on the keyboard.

Show The City scroll in a separate window.

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