Illumination of the Twin Flame, drawing

Originally, this was a stained glass window design. Here is a black and white outline drawing for coloring. See also a JPEG version of this graphic (PNG format). The JPEG is twice the size in KB, but has smoother quality.

Lila Forest and friends modified a black and white drawing that I provided. They published the modified graphic in the holyearth journal, Summer 1982, Vol. 1, No. 1, page 23. They felt the feminine figure needed to be on top, to balance the overbearing masculine energies in current culture. So they rotated the original design. In my view, that weakens several parts of the message. The spirit light beings and beams of chaos move under the figures, giving them lift. The green planet is beyond, up above, as the destination of growth, balance, and harmony. In the original design, two figures are part of a single butterfly which could tip this way or that. I see the masculine energies not as bearing down, but as being uplifted by the feminine, that has strength to steer, support, inspire, and guide. At the time I gave permission to use the changed version of the design, I felt it was important to honor the feelings of the publishers. I didn't think about the impact on the meaning of each graphic element.

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