Lichens of North America book notes, page 259

In 2009, I've been studying the book Lichens of North America. Here is a quote from page 259. The comments complete the description on page 258 for Cladonia leporina, which is common on the Emerald Coast of Florida. It is frequently called deer moss or British Soldiers, which is not right according to my current understanding.


Fruiting specimens cannot be confused with any other lichen, but sterile material sometimes resembles C. uncialis or C. dimorphoclada (both with a much thinner medulla and always PD-, KC-, C-), C. pachycladodes (with at least some open axils and often PD+ yellow), or species of Cladina (usually more slender, paler yellowish green or gray, and lacking a cortex). Cladina submitis, however, often has much the same prostrate, robust growth form but is confined to the northeast and is always PD-, KC-, and C-.

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