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Deer Lake W by NE on Hwy 30A - early 2010

Earthballs, earthstars, and deer lichen all thrived together here on January 2, 2010. It was the sole place I found them all together.

I photographed the earthball in the image above on 2010-01-02 NE of Deer Lake but west of the entrances to Deer Lake State Park on Scenic Highway 30-A. GPS coordinates -Latitude: 30° 18' 25.162" N °4' 35.678" W. On the map of fungi arising this year the label is 30A E . The path icon to Mindfield 2012 in the lower right corner of the page is because this location is featured in the vision video.

The earthballs and earthstars on this site grow closely with jester lichen and deer lichen so is a central site I continue to monitor for new growth, but have found little beyond what I found in October, 2010. See more on Earthstars and lichen on 30A. Here is a detail of the photo if you can't see the Flash Zoomify image above. Earthball and lichens

This is also Deer lichen site 3 area #6. Back to fungi.

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