Back to Nature Festival, Oct. 16, 2004 event description: Share your experience of nature

This event provides the setting and know-how to create a memento or report of your Back to Nature experience and share it. The audience is the group at the event and optionally the general public on the web. Means include photography, graphic art, writing, music and speech. A handout outlines how to prepare materials for publication and upload them to a web site. The final result is an archive of the weekend for all to enjoy.

  • Time: 8-10 a.m. Saturday morning.
  • Requirement: Willingness to share.
  • A plus: One or more of camera, sketchbook, notebook, instrument (anything from GPS to guitar), sound recorder, previous memento, or ability to speak.
  • Location: Deer Lake State Park ramp (from forest to beach, wheelchair accessible).
  • Facilitator: Caroling Geary, MFA (bio)
  • Tour leader: Deer Lake State Park ranger Patrick W. Hartsfield
  • Format is three parts (times are flexible, depending on the group interests and needs).

start 1. Introduction. Led by the facilitator, starts promptly at the picnic area by the parking lot. Consider the audience. The simplest form of feedback is the evaluation form. Others listed in handout. Around the circle each person gives their brief nature history, interests, how they plan to record the experience, and tips on doing so. About 30 minutes.
mid 2. Tour. Guided by Park Ranger. Walk all along the ramp up from the forest, over the dunes with views of Deer Lake, and overlook the gulf shore. During it, participants record and create whatever they want. About 55 minutes. Plus an extra 5 minutes for preparing evaluation form. Gather at the gazebo at the far end of the boardwalk.
end 3. Sharing. Going around the circle with results. A result can be as simple as describing a plant and its name. Digital cameras can show, film cameras can tell, artists can show sketches, writers can read excerpts or poems. About 30 minutes. Final discussion on details of preparing materials for upload and publishing on the web. Those who aren't interested can continue to share, talk to ranger, or explore.

Positioned early in the Back to Nature events, participants can act as seeds at other events, sharing skills, ideas, and the web site availability.

Florida State Parks web site is a fine starting point. Uploading photos, video, and audio has special requirements. The workshop is the first step. Complete web implementation is a work-in-progress. See Links.

The intro will include consideration of the audience. If it is just yourself, that's OK, you are preparing a record to remind yourself of the experience. If it is members of this group, you might consider their orientation and interests in what and how you present. If it is the whole Back to Nature public, you might consider what someone who isn't here would like to know.

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