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Group sharing web sites

  • Back to Nature Sharing -
    a Yahoo group that makes it easy to share in many ways. Messages are public.
    Click to join group
    Click to join back2nature

    More information on how to work with the Yahoo group
  • b2n -
    a flickr photo site, where you can create individual albums, associate them with the group, add text and more. Photos are public.

    More information on how to work with the flickr b2n group
  • Wholeo blog
  • Getting started -
    The page helps publish digital photos to the web. You can make web photo albums at Shutterfly and publish the URL for the public. It is incomplete, for example, it doesn't mention Firewire (IEEE-1394) for transfering. is one of the oldest and best-established interactive sites.
    Search for other online services until you find an alternative you like. Please post a message to yahoo or flickr, so we can locate the link.

Deer Lake State Park

The Florida State Parks web pages are quite interactive. They enable sharing experiences in many ways. Here are the ones associated with this park. Note: parts of the site will change before the event.

  • Deer Lake State Park main page -
  • Feedback -
  • Testimonials -
  • Park Communications -
  • Park Report Card -
  • Photo Contest -
    (Note that the 2004 contest closed in June)

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