B2N 2004 - Share your experience of nature - facilitator biography

Back to Nature Festival, Oct. 16, 2004 event: Share your experience of nature .

The artist Caroling Geary, MFA, is publishing her ongoing lifework at www.wholeo.net. This work stems from Zen painting in Minnesota, environmental stained glass in NY, and technical writing for the computer industry in California. She retired to Eastern Lake between the sea and the grove in 2002. She is a volunteer photographer for the SWCC.

See views from Lookout 2003, the SWCC's ecofest, the Back to Nature weekend of November 8-9, 2003 at http://www.wholeo.net/Lookout/lookout2003/lookout03b2n.html. About Caroling Geary: http://www.wholeo.net/Caroling/resume.html. Lookout 2004. Sharing your experience of B2N04 and proposal.

This page is online at http://www.wholeo.net/Lookout/lookout2004/lookout04eventBio.html
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