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Study #9 - 5-fold Unison Game Prototype

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This preliminary study for 5-fold Unison: Expanding Consciousness Game is a color healing generator. Randomly chosen colors change when you open the page. Later these will be random solutions to the climate crisis (see the game prototype page for updates).

Meanwhile, here's what you can do with the color generator. Click the button and pick from the menu. For a healing, name it, see the transformation, and click stones to see what lies underneath. Optionally capture a screen shot to save it. See a full screen version.

Give it a name by typing in the input text box with the time. Settle into peace, opening to receive your colors.

buttonClick the rainbow button in the upper left of the healing window and from the menu, pick Color Healing. The layout transforms with randomly selected colors. Pause to enter color and feel what the different ones mean to you. Run your mouse over the 12 nodes to see their names.

If you didn't name the healing, the time appears as hours:minutes:seconds, and you can still edit it.

To see the movie on this page, you need get Flash Flash 6r65+. See the EIE circular page or the intro to color weather.

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