Full moon 9 meditation altar

CCW upper right: seeds, gong, sprouted beans, smudge, Geome crystal

Year 2015 Full Moon 9

August 29 full moon 9 at 1:38PM CDT. This is a supermoon. In the morning, moonset at 6:03AM. Sunrise was at 6:18AM. In the evening, sunset at 7:10PM and moonrise at 7:09PM. I was sick and missed the events, but the moon was behind clouds at both moonset and moonrise.

Set up for full moon meditation at 1:38PM. Have an altar mandala of five. Counter clockwise they are: 1) Garbanzo beans or seeds. 2) Gong. 3) Sprouted garbanzo beans. 4) Smudge shell. 5) Geome crystal.

Candle align with light. Smudge healing with sage. Gong awaken. Meditation be present.

First we light the candle in the window. Then we light the smudge. We bless the seeds and sprouts. I continue this report in my weblog.

This is part of a project to track each full moon rise and set for a year, recording positions around the horizon from a single site, the ramp in Deer Lake State Park, FL. Location: 30.29984 -86.07885

See Year 2015 13 moons page.

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