Full moon 7 after rising Full moon 7 before setting

Full moon 7 after rising and before setting

Year 2015 Full Moon 7

July 1 full moon 7 at 9:22PM CDT. This is the first full moon after the Inner solstice. Choice of movies: YouTube, Vimeo, or Offline: direct.

In the morning, moonset at 5:24AM. Sunrise at 5:45AM. In the evening, sunset at 7:49PM. and moonrise at 7:26PM.

A story of "Yes, but"s. I woke in the middle of the night. Weather channel showed a storm out in the gulf approaching my site. I would have to leave long before moonset if had any chance of seeing it. I went out and got marvelous movies of the moon glowing amid wafting clouds but sky became completely overcast. Near sunrise/moonset thunder and lightning dominated the sky and kept me away. Clouds lingered on the horizon by nightfall but the moon appeared about 15 and 30 minutes after moonrise time. Visible high in the southwest, following sunset, Venus and Jupiter were less than a moon's diameter apart.

This is part of a project to track each full moon rise and set for a year, recording positions around the horizon from a single site, the ramp in Deer Lake State Park, FL. Location: 30.29984 -86.07885

For personal experiences see the weB log entry.

See Year 2015 13 moons page.

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