Full moon 13 sky map

Full moon setting in west at 5AM December 25 CST. Credit: Wunderground.com

Full Moon 13 in December, 2015

Full moon 13 on Dec. 24 9PMDecember 25 full moon 13 at 5:12AM CDT. Hazily seen veiled in fast sheer clouds 8 hours before at 9PM Dec. 24. Choice of movies: YouTube, Vimeo, or Offline: direct

In the morning, moonset at 6:29AM and sunrise at 6:37AM. In the evening, moonrise at 5:27PM and sunset at 4:49PM. I missed them both because the sky was overcast at dawn and dusk. However, at 9PM December 24, I caught brief handheld video of the cloudswept face.

This full moon was special in that it was on Christmas and won't appear again on this day until the year 2034. At that time, I would be 100 years old. Goal is plotted, 2034 page is here. Wonder there is any way, shape or form of possibilty that I could last so long. I am blessed to see you today.

This is last part of a project to track each full moon rise and set for a year, recording positions around the horizon from a single site, the ramp in Deer Lake State Park, FL. Location: 30.29984 -86.07885

Note: astronomy map link is a long URL.

See Year 2015 13 moons page.

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