Full moon 12 rising in 3-minute intervals   Full moon 12 setting in 3-minute intervals

Moonrise and Moonset in 3-minute intervals

Full Moon 12 in November, 2015

Awake in the night, so sat in meditation. Felt the fine fast minuscule vibration (that had appeared in gong meditation earlier) for awhile. Being there for the experience. Visionless. Thoughtless. Still.

At 5AM the sky was unbelieveably clear. This was the first full moon this year that was perfectly visible for both rise and set.

As I saw and photographed the whole arc, clear and simple beauty met off the scale. Didn't feel cold at all. Or tired. Or limited in any way. Complete joy. What a blessing. As I came back down the ramp it seemed such a pity to die when I can live like this. Seems so precious and perfect and fulfilling. Maybe this is it. Seems like a pinnacle of being human, to be conscious of the beauty of creation. Of all the tiny passing spritz of beauties.

The graphics capture the moon at 3-minute intervals. Look at the first and last reddish-tinted partial moon images to appear over the horizons at rise and set. Notice that the moon does not appear directly behind earth but above it. I can not find an explanation of this phenomenon. My thinking starts with the fact that we are seeing sunlight reflected from the moon. Could the curvature of the earth or a cloud layer on the horizon opposite the moon be causing the earth in effect to eclipse the portion of the moon at the horizon? I know the actual moon is there but the reflected sunlight is above the horizon. I have not been aware of this effect before.

The moon was full at 4:45PM CST. This is part of a project to track each full moon rise and set for a year, recording positions around the horizon from a single site, the ramp in Deer Lake State Park, FL. Location: 30.29984 -86.07885

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