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Here are a few of the many photographs either taken by Leo or of Leo on his trips to the wilds. Click on any small picture (with a link border) to bring up a larger version of the picture, to better enjoy it.

South America

Peru Peru After a job on a research vessel, studying creatures from the deeps of thermal vents near the Galapagos in 1985, Leo treated himself to a trip to South America. Here he is atop the Cordillera Blanca.

New Zealand

clowningClowning Leo with everyone's beer bottles on bicycle trip.

poolSwimming near snow Leo liked getting into the picture. Here it's into a pool under a peak.

lakeLake Steaming mist before a snowy crest. Getting closer to the heights of NZ.

above peaksUplifted Parapenting (paragliding) on a good day.

rock pilot Rock pilot Parapenting (paragliding) near a peak in the NZ southern alps. Leo, just after takeoff.

Queenstown Up a tree Leo's parapente got caught in tree-top above Queenstown, NZ, on Skyline Ridge. "Sorry I missed lunch, I got hung up," is written on the slide. The snowy Remarkables are in the background. You can see where Leo lived, down below. The cover photo of the 1996 Lonely Planet Guide to New Zealand is taken here.

Mt. CookHigh point Leo solo climbed to the top of Mt. Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand on Dec. 25, 1988. "Best Christmas present ever," he wrote. Behind Leo, to the west, is the Tasman Sea. If Leo looked northeast, towards Christchurch he might have seen the Two Thumbs.

Mt. Cook figures Tiny figures Past a crevasse, climbing a wind-swept, snowy peak. Two people said that this is Mt. Cook.

trampingTramping Leo with skis at Ree's Valley, NZ, Oct. 1988.

bicyclerLone bicycler Heading down a country road, South Island, New Zealand.

before takeoffIn the harness Getting ready to take off with parapente. Sebastopol, NZ, 1989.

runDownhill run Taking off with parapente. Sebastopol, NZ, 1989.

skiingLeo skiing, detail.

climbersClimbers Leo Geary and Robyn Macdonald at Copland Pass, Westland National Park, South Island, New Zealand.

Leo last photo in NZ Leo ready to fly appeared in The Press, Christchurch newspaper on September 22, 1992. The story describes Leo's upcoming trip to the America Cup competion in Owen's Valley, CA, USA. The photo was taken on the hill above Mt. Pleasant where he lived.

65 slides from Leo's New Zealand bicycle tour are listed separately. See links to other Leo photo pages, such as slide shows.

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