Josh Douglas receiving the Leo Geary trophy award for Best New Pilot, 2021

Josh Douglas Receiving the Leo Geary Memorial Trophy Award for Best New Pilot 2021

Josh Douglas flying in Pakistan

Josh Douglas flying in Pakistan, 2.

Josh Douglas

Josh Douglas

Josh Douglas

Photos of Josh Douglas flying in Pakistan's Kashmir September 2019

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Josh Douglas, Leo Geary Memorial Trophy 2021 winner

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Josh Douglas says:

"As a washed up skier and mountaineer with bad knees, paragliding started out as an easy way to get down off the hills.

"But the moment my feet left the ground I knew it was about to become a whole lot more!

"Now three years later, after taking over my life I still can't get enough, and  have only just started to scratch the surface.

"As well as the incredible views, feelings and remote locations it takes you, the thing that encourages me to pursue it further is the amazing community you become a part of, from learning with Mark and Rob at Paraventures, to being mentored by some of NZ's best pilots (whose names are also on the trophy) - the support is overwhelming!

"Winning this award came as a complete surprise, but I am truly thankful to receive such a beautiful carving, and it definitely has inspired me to take part in more races and try to one day become a mentor myself.

"Thank you."

From Sven (previously called Kris) Ericksen:

Here are all Josh Douglas's competition tracklogs:

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