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Henry Dumbleton, Leo Geary Memorial Trophy 2017 winner

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Henry DumbletonHenry Dumbleton says:

"Paragliding is the pinnacle of free flight. It is minimalist, widely accessible, and it does not dull the pure sensations of flying through the air. For these reasons it fulfils my lifelong dream to fly where other disciplines have failed.

"I am indebted to all the pioneers of the sport, such as Leo, for paving the way for people like myself to enter the wonderful world of paragliding. To me the Leo Geary award, especially in the backdrop of the National competition, represents the spirit of encouraging new generations of pilots to enter into the circle and mix it up with the veterans of the sport. To receive this award in a room full of such highly accomplished aviators was humbling.

"I look forward to returning the favour and ensuring that our flying communities continue to encourage new pilots to join us in the sky and fly side by side."

From Kris Erickson:

Henry came 44th (out of 78) in his very first competition in the NZ PG Nationals for 2017 - which is a very good showing! It was an excellent week of flying. Here are the results for the Fun Class from the Rotorua competition: http://highcloud.net/xc/comp_result.php?comPk=213&class=0 Henry came 17th in the fun class, beating many along standing pilots!

About the event and the photo of the main prize winners, see Kris Erickson's Facebook album: Rotorua PG Comp: Feb 2017. You can see all the names and prizes in the second to last photo.

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