Leo Geary, graphic art for Adventure Consultants

Leo face Leo sought and enjoyed many commissions from the adventure community. Among his friends were high profile clients Rob Hall and Gary Ball of Hall & Ball, Adventure Consultants. Leo did their graphic art in 1991. Here is a letterhead.

Hall & Ball logo

This logo appears in a book, Hall & Ball 'Kiwi Mountaineers, from Mt. Cook to Everest', by Colin Monteath, 1997, Hedgehog House, Christchurch, New Zealand. It was also published in 1997 in North America by the Mountaineers, Seattle, Washington. On page 13 see a cap with the logo. It was created by Leo as Geary Graphics. The cap appears in pictures on page 140 in Antarctica and page 144 on Everest in 1996.

Both Gary and Rob died high in the Himalayan mountains. Leo died in the White mountains of California. But they all were up high and doing what they loved most, adventuring.

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