Bo in 2002

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In 1999, I started this page for Bo, a friend from Denmark, who loves dolphins. In 2002 here's an update from Bo, with a stunning picture of himself. He says, "In the picture I am on my way to the Danish Music Awards which is the Danish version of Grammy in USA. The whole idea is for the paint to illustrate/symbolize that there is also THAT specific side to my inner personality and life. That there is more, much more, in me than meets the eye." The photograph is © 2002 Simon Rihana. Martin Giesing is the designer of the two-piece suit.

As a US exchange student to Denmark, my daughter met Bo in the late 1980s. I met him in NY, in 1998, still a good friend.First impression

In 2012, his Facebook profile picture is solid blue, his profile cover color a startling spring green.

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