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How2 work with QTVR sizes

This is here so I can keep notes and don't have to look this stuff up every time.

Multiples of 4 and 96

Panos have to have a height (called width because the pano is CCW to be saved as PICT) evenly divisible by 4.

Panos have to have a length (called height because the pano is CCW) evenly divisible by 96. 3 x 96 = 288

5 x 96 = 480
6 x 96 = 576
12 x 96 = 1152
1152 / 2 = 576
25 x 96 = 2400
1.5" : 4.7" = 552 : 1728
2 x


Use your big hi-res photoshop or pict or whatever for the hi-res version. Set a big playback window. Then reduce size for medium. And reduce it again for low. The medium might have two compression settings, the sorenson and the cinepak. Also look into photo-jpeg, seems to be preferred for CDs. The cinepak is for QT 2.5, VR 1 users. So they'll have a small and medium size choice. The cinepaks need to be changed to QT 1 in MoviePlayer, that is, exported. Might have to make playable in NA using MoviePlayer 2.5 for complete effectiveness, need to test this.

So have 3 or 4 movies. What happens to person on windows with QT 2.5 and data rate setting of 28.8? They get the sorenson and it doesn't work. This is a problem. No, that's not true because the low cinepak is flattened into the movie so it is recognized by all. Only QT3 users will have a choice. So basically, I can have two sizes of movie, but three compressions. The 28.8 sorenson will kick in for most QT3 users.

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