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Creating a scene with 2 or more movies

Here is what I did for clrEIE. Now I see for year1998 that I've completely made the movs.
  • QTVRAS. Create QT2 and QT3 panos. Open existing file, 6crclEIEclr.scene to make the pano from the scene maker and reuse hotspots. {Note, the following process might not be exact, but did reuse hotspots.}
  • MoviePlayer3. Optimize panos as .mov and add bitmap graphic.
  • MakeRefMovie. Make the final movie for QT 2 with a reference to the QT3 movie. Flatten the Cinepak version into output and make it last choice for 14.4 modem. Add two others one with mask and one with not. Maybe. I used one. Screen shot of MakeRefMovie window.

    Made a JPEG and a CPK movie..

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