Compare the Challenge to the Project

Comparison of the 2009 Buckminster Fuller Challenge to Google's Project 10^100.

item challenge project
goal Idea and implementation to save the world and people in it Idea benefitting the most people
final entry date Nov 7 Oct 20
entry fee $60 ($50 special groups) none
how enter Web user account application Web form
presentation text and 6 images text and video
prize $100 thousand to winning entrant $10 million to up to five implementations
publicity reward inclusion in the web Idea Index plus other unspecified publicity 100 ideas posted on Google site plus possible contacts and good karma
text ~1000 words (including purpose, three-year plan, entry criteria, and qualifications) ~ 800 words (including idea, issue address, steps to implement, optimal outcome
judging Judges Google screens 100, public chooses 20, judges finalize up to five winners
references Extensive, both what you have done and who recommends you none
intellectual property Protection is up to you. Challenge has unlimited rights with your submission. Google has unlimited rights with your idea.
winner announced May, 2009  

communication and media
community and social systems
economy and livelihood
environmental health
food systems
human health
human rights
materials and resources
shelter and built environment
water or your own

community, opportunity, energy, environment, health, education, shelter, everything else

criteria comprehensive, anticipatory, ecologically responsible, feasible, verifiable, replicable reach, depth, attainability, efficiency, longevity
# entries one unlimited
Wholeo Online entries Studies Study

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