Wholeo, the stained glass dome - in storage

This photo shows where Wholeo Dome rested in wait for many years in Silicon Valley, California. Behind the glass panels stand the convex and concave light table tops. In addition to what you see here, picture many more glass panels, two bags of aluminum tube struts, a can of nuts and bolts, and whatever else is needed to rebuild the dome. It fills the 4' x 2' x 8' space.

See also another storeroom, in Florida, with the complete contents. Since 1982, Wholeo Dome moved to six different storerooms. Two in Sonoma county, three in Silicon Valley, and one in Florida. For 10 years the dome was out of storage and installed at The Farm School in Tennessee. In 2015 it came down and went into storage at the EcoHostel at The Farm under care of The Farm Historical Society.

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