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Here are some of the email messages I've gotten about the online exhibit of the stained glass dome Wholeo. I've left off names to protect the senders.

Subject: The Wholeo is great! FYI, check our our site...

I really enjoyed your Wholeo site the dome looks great!
Perhaps you might be interested in our work:
We have spent the last two-plus years developing pre-fabricated, modular, self-sustaining and portable domes in the shape of a five-petaled lotus bud and I thought you might be interested in our web site:
Best wishes!

Subject: geodesic dome

Your stained glass dome is beyond words...beautiful and elusive.... Do I understand that it is not set up anywhere now?....I would have loved to experience it.... -- peace....

Subject: wow

I am astounded by your fabulous site! More later.

Subject: The brilliance of your glass dome - you are Light Years Ahead

When I first chanced upon the Wholeo page and looked at your various images of a true location in the constellation, I was quite touched by your expression of color and light. - what so many healers, doctors, etc. have spoken about, your have created. The picture of the nude with the supersonic rainbonic colors projected from the dome is outstanding.

Subject: web pages

cool. really cool.

Subject: A compliment.

I just wanted to say that I really liked your exhibit on the web. I'm an art major who's specializing in pen and ink. I've never really worked with stained glass before, but I have a lot of friends who do.
Are you related to Rick Geary? He's an artist who does a lot of comic art.

Subject: Wholeo Dome

A friend and I will be making short visit to SF at end of November, and were quite curious if you have wholeo set up, or a gallery with you there? We would really like to see your work!
Very very exquisite!! Have extended family in SF area will see if anyone has ideas on a safe place to put exhibit...would just be grand...wood think that it would make great gallery all in itself, or in conjunction with another dome..
... After a day deep in manure it sure is great to find an uplift of the spirit in creative human art!!
So thanks again, and I'll get on the horn and see if anyone has any ideas that may help you out if you so choose!!

Subject: controls

I enjoyed the site a lot once I figured out what it was about (NOT your "average web site"), the JavaScript color change option is really cool, definitely the first time I have ever seen that!
All in all, very cool site Carol. Thanks!

Subject: hello

Hi carol...I have been visiting your site and admire your art work! I am at the Italian art site! You do beautiful and inspiring work. I have a BA in Fine Arts from 20 years ago and just learned to turn a computer on and off last January - I am enrolled in my 3rd semester of Info and Multimedia Computer Technology now at a local cc and am about to purchase my first computer (yikes!) this is great fun and I am happy to know there are great places to explore like your site! I will be back!

Subject: Thanks for the beauty on your Web pages

I suspect that you and I are both "worshippers" of extreme Beauty.

Subject: Millennium Welcome

I really like your Wholeo project. It is truly beautiful.

Subject: Wow! from Jerusalem

I've just jumped into your site(s), copied 4 jpegs of the WholeO Dome and intend to do more. What you intend to do, in the presentation of the psyche through graphic interfaces largely parallels my intentions. I'm a "cyber-architect" and past student of Bucky Fuller and of cybernetician Gordon Pask, perhaps the world's first cyber-artist.

Subject: WholeO and future Whole Earth displays

I've sent you a note through your page and, caring too much about the ticking linkup clock, I'm not sure what I've said and whether I've expressed my joy and gratitude that I felt visiting your site. You have done beautiful work which, for me, was immensely evocative. So I've spent the next couple of hours with some ramifications of your work over mine and I can see so many beautiful things emerging.

Subject: Wholeo Dome, breathtaking

Your work is breathtaking to say the least!...the blaze of colors is an incredible site..the picture of the nude woman was shared with me by a friend and it literally left me speechless...
Is there information available about the current status of the dome? I would love to see it some day!...Is there anyway I can be of assistance in finding a place for this beautiful creation of yours?
Your work leaves me with a smile each and every time I see it...thank you! peace..
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