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Wholeo, the name of the dome and all the images are Copyright Caroling 1974

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Despite its unfamiliar first impression, Wholeo is an outgrowth of traditional medieval craft. I cut hand-blown antique stained glass to make a design. I sometimes etched the glass in acid or painted, stained, and fired it in a kiln to provide detail on each piece. I fit the glass pieces together with lead came surrounding their edges. A few panels are wrapped in copper foil in the Tiffany-lamp style. The joints and copper-wire ties are soldered with tin. Then putty is forced under the lead to strengthen the panel and waterproof it. Sometimes the glass is overlapped or layered. The semi-rigid panels are attached to a metal framework that holds them in place. For Wholeo, the framework is a dome and the glass panels are tied to it with copper wires. The glass panels themselves are fit together into a larger shape, a hemisphere, with wide lead between them.

The individual pieces of glass are flat. Because each panel is built on a curved table, the panels conform to the surface of a 7' radius hemisphere.

Here's Wholeo from the North, as I was installing it in the country. The leaded glass panels on the South side are up. The other half of the panels are not yet installed, so you can see the geodesic dome framework that holds Wholeo up.

The dome struts are made of 1/2" diameter aluminum tubes, TS 6061. The aluminum tubes are flattened and drilled at each end, so they can be bolted together at the vertices of a 6-frequency hemisphere. That means that there are six steps between each of the 5-strut vertices of the underlying icosahedron.

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I'm amazed, and grateful, to know about Wholeo. What an amazing thing! No doubt it's creator is amazing too. My heart aches to stand in that dome and take the journey. I surely hope to be there, when light once again shines through those panels.
blessings, ...
Thank you so much for sharing such beauty and inspiration with so many. It breaks my heart to think that such a thing of wonder and light is dismantled and closeted away. Perhaps through your sharing, this will change....I sincerly hope so! The world needs such new insights and joyous experiences.
The writing really enhances the experience of viewing the panels. I literally see much more. The panels that seem random initially, give way to insight into a deeper vision. Thanks for the view!
Essence of being is extraordinary. I love the radiating red. All in all extraordinary!
I was just looking at your Wholeo page. Looks like you put an incredible amount of energy into it. I hope you find another location for it.
Hi again. Your web site is a pleasure to view and is now linked on my art resources page. I hope it helps to bring you well deserved attention. The Wholeo work is amazing and beautiful. Nice job and an interesting story. Enjoyed the visit and will return again.
Your Wholeo certainly touched my whole self! i'm hoping this year to have the time to explore and put many more of my searchings on line. Carol, what an amazing, beautiful surprise! i visited your HomePage today (i'm new on the Internet and am exploring). Your creation is very special. Does it still exist? Thank you for your vision and work. Walk in Peace
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