Wholeo Dome geodesic tube frame at The Farm EcoHostel 2017

Marilyn Harris who is leading restoration of Wholeo Dome, 2017

Rickey Turner

Rickey Turner, proprietor of Turner's Glass Art Unlimited

Wholeo Dome, Fall 2017 - Rickey Turner

September 11, friends of Wholeo Dome went to visit Rickey Turner at his stained glass workshop in Mount Pleasant, TN.

Rickey Turner's glass studio We enjoyed this informative visit. Left to right: Marilyn Harris, Rickey Turner, Rose Diamond, and Vickie Montagne.

Beveled glass panel under repair Detail of large panels of leaded beveled glass under restoration.

Samples of stained glass Rickey has boxes of glass samples from several suppliers. He will order some from Bendheim who is closing out a line of glass that probably will match glass in Wholeo Dome. In this box, the Artique ressembles what I knew as antique, mouth-blown glass.

stained glass sample in Spectrum line Several of the samples from Spectrum glass looked like matches for glass in Wholeo Dome.

Rose Diamond is an artist from The Farm.

UV light to identify tin residue on one side of a rolled glass sheet Rickey shows a light source highlighting tin particles adhering to rolled glass. The other side does not show the cloudy shadow.

Painted and stained glass example This piece of shows the techniques of applying silver stain, black paint and matted areas to glass and firing it in a kiln to make it part of the glass permanently.

Rickey Turner window demonstrating inspiration and techniques Rickey explains the various techniques in his hanging panel demonstrating creativity. The subject is his granddaughter focusing on drawing with related themes. There are various types, textures and treatments, including fired glass painting and etching of flash glass. Having these resources is helpful since Wholeo Dome also has these features.

Paint, stain, and fire glass room at Rickey Turner's studio Here is a separate room for glass painting and firing. There is a small kiln between the light table and large kiln visible in the photo. Rickey is holding a framed silk screen which he can use to squeegee painted areas on large pieces of glass.

Glass painting and staining supply shelf At the rear of the room are the various mediums, liquids, pastes and powders used in painting. The labels on the silver stain powder bottles on the middle shelf say LEAD FREE *. What I used at Greenland Studios for the limited use in Wholeo Dome contained lead since the industry did not change until the 1990s. It was a danger to glass craftspersons, not after firing, that changes glass crystalline composition.

In payment to Mel Greenland for use of his studio I made him a lampshade like a Buckminster Fuller dome. It was triangles of clear glass decorated entirely with vibrational patterns in silver stains.

Brushes in the painting and firing room Brushes over the light table for glass painting.

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