Zen/0 -- Caroling's Journal

Scroll Box Introduction to Caroling's Journal

This is Caroling's journal.

The text is contained in five scrollboxes on five pages. The first four are "Zen/Zero Journal", pages 3-6. The last one is "Writing, HyperCard, Publishing, & Technical Journal", page 7.


Figures may be viewed by pressing the labeled buttons at the bottom of the pages. From the figures, you can go to the related text page. Hypercard only: Hold the mouseClicker down after clicking on the Figure you want to see. Release to return. If the mouseClicker is held down in the same area as the figure button, when the mouse is released, you will return to the text. If you wish to view the figure longer, move the hand cursor away from the button area before releasing. You can then return to the text by clicking on the bent black arrow. A click on the Fig. # will take you to the journal page related to that figure. This feature is useful to check the text when browsing the figures.

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