Integrate 21

Zen/0 -- Integrate, Persimmons/0

I propose using Mu Chi's persimmons as a notation for dividing by zero. Let's see if that would be breaking any zen, art, or math rules.

Zen certainly takes no position on our flapping minds.

Artistically, what is there? Six persimmons are represented. Maybe the variations in color (hinted at in black and white) and shape (from firm-round to settled-square) represent the degree of ripeness of each picked persimmon.

Is there a meaning in the same direction of stems? Perhaps there is a religious teaching in the smallest, nearest persimmon. See it as the zen aspirant. S/he faces the row of complacent priests, but strives to go through the opening, to reach the nothing beyond.

Artistically, of course, we are free to reap any meanings we can glean. But I prefer to see shapes, called persimmons in title, but I will not project persimmon meanings onto them. They are divided by zero. They cannot be defined. However we can take note of them. Where a persimmon would blossom and fruit, the neck is the dividing line. Below is the round zero. Above is the stem to the real world. Finding our notation in them, we pluck the zero fruit and hang it around the stem above to remind us where what was divided by zero was. The twig may be a 7, 5 or 3, a 1 etc. But it is not a number now. Circled by zero, it is just a memory of something that was divided by zero and now is not zero for the real world, is still undefined for the real world but defined for the nothing world, where it may have a great future. Who knows?


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