Star commandments

The Whole Light Being, Star comes to irradiate the 4th chakra with sparkles brighter than white. Chakras 2, 3, 5, and 6 are concentrated at the 4th chakra, too.

Commandment 7. Form membrane with Stars.

At the infinity points, the membrane has holes as in Swiss cheeze . They may extend right through the membrane.

Commandment 8. Purify.

The need for continually keeping out extraneous elements leads to a kind of threshing of the weave, in and out, with your aura.
In meditation, check yourself for visions of colors that could be lightened with the energy of Star. When you see a mountain covered with lighted candles with a convolvus flower at the base, it will be a sign that this part of the healing is over.

Color: Blue

Star commandments

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