page 9 Now you've got it! Go ahead and do it. Don't worry if you think it looks ugly or silly or beautiful or simple or bad or fun or scary or good. Do as many as you can. Let go. When you are done, look at them. Put them up on a wall if possible. Look at them later.

Just put vibes together. That's all there is to " How to do it." You can draw in vibe. You may see some you'd like to repeat, change or enlarge. You may see some patterns that would go well together. Different ideas may come and you will draw more. You might say, "One vibe leads to another." Could vibes ever really be a language? Try it. To make vibe drawing mean something, use it.

Vibe drawing is a notation for vibes; such as notes for music or letters for words. We try to "see" and draw different vibrations we feel. We are creators and pioneers. We enter the magic dark-light of something new.

Vibe Coloring Book, Vibe Story, page 9

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