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Awareness is separate from head, heart, and Light Body. It alights down to the left of Crux. It comes along. But it's free.

May 31, 1980 Funicula gathers a new substance in her heart, grounds it above and below in her opened Gap. It will make her impervious to atom blasts and she will not need oxygen to breathe. This substance is the Absolute.

Funicula does a new Kriya. Breathe in to the Absolute to mutate blood. Breathe out, letting go of impurities. Breathe in to purified blood. There, apply the Symbol of Nuclear Evolution. It's adapted here to form a M.E.T. Body from a Christopher Hill's symbol. Mix Light with blood. Breathe out, sending evolved blood to every part of the body. The Nuclear Evolution symbol is a new vision of wholeness.

June 3, 1980 Funicula meets Whole Light Beings. June 8 She dreams Whole Light Beings are testing her. She lets go envisioning the Light Body, crosses the sound barrier, and becomes free from desire...

...except for one: the burning desire to Ascend.

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