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April 26, 1980 Funicula begins doing Kriya breathing to the opposite pentagonal faces. In stage 1, breathe in, she overlaps the opposing energies some and holds. It's an advanced form of pearl-making and pyramiding. She concentrates the ascending and descending tendencies in the center. On breathe out she sends out the sound substance. Impulse is breathed in, forming long five-sided pyramid cones.

Overlapping the 5-sided pyramids in the center forms the "Generative Star".

On breathe out, slivers of light are released. On Kriya 9, to the infinitely large, the slivers are presented to nothing, the source, completing a cycle. At last, to give some light back! April 29, 1980 Funicula breathes to the 10th chakra, to eating light. Breathe in Metatron's light, breathe out to combining this light with the Still Light. Breathe in, piercing cells with slivers, feeding cells with combined light. Breathe out to assimilating this Living Light.

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