Funicula studies the geometry of EIE. If each of the core coils is seen as an axis of a great circle, there are 6 great circles surrounding the dodecahedron, dividing it regularly, making 12 pentagons and 20 triangles as they cross each other. She compares this to the 3 great circles in Movey. Actually the circles are cylinders, forming MET bodies. It's the same in EIE. The outer edges of 6 MET bodies (12 circles) form the skeleton of EIE. Spirits cheer! When Funicula makes a model of the MET bodies in EIE, the 6th descneds like Invite (the 3rd in Movey) as if by Grace. The model seems to hum with activity, like a psychtronic generator.

1 2 3 4 5 The 6th circle is seen around the other 5, head on. There are 6 M.E.T. bodies in EIE.

April 29, 1980 Now reading the Book of Knowledge, Funicula receives a dark light through her crown chakra. Through this light, Metatron appears to her. He is a most high spirit bringing "outer light" to aid in entering the next dimension.

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