Next she goes to "Superperu" a new way, where the Great White Brotherhood couldn't indicate. Orange is given to her to compress purple in pearl-making. Hearing the pipes of Pan to left and right gets the message, the vibrations, into the deepest manifestation of the body; penetrating, enlivening. The Tetrahedral Light Muscle in Movey begins operating. This is a new climax of Funicula's life. It can only go up from here. Funicula passes all her guides and is lifted on the Red Hand to a new realm of Light.

Grounded in the dark light, the Invisible Light, she can never be blinded by any brightness. April 1, 1980 The 3 M.E.T. bodies' currents and propagation of light provide surface tension for Movey. This and the pressure on the opened Gap gives power to the pyramid tendency. The blending of male and female energies in the pyramid is essential to building the Light Body. Funicula writes "How beautiful! It's as if the male-female energies just can't stay separate anymore. Their light melts me. Movey is focused at the base of the triangle. Union is the peak of the pyramid. How happy I am!"

Note: In the printed book, the next page (39) is blank.

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