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Cassiopeia. Sagittarius. Crux. Sirius.

March 23, 1980 Funicula begins expanding the final colors, moved by the overwhelming fire of the violet flame. It alone is the possible purification for this process. Each day is a farewell to the color level consciousness of specific potentials. Funicula is saying goodby to her old self. She's changing substantially. She will never be the same.

Funicula adds a new act to her Kriya Breathing. In stage 4 she folds up the pyramid, so the bottom pyramid coincides with the top, stabalizing her in the center of the Gap. This is the fullfillment of the "I AM" stage.

Building a Light Body reads like the process of making stars. A nebula of gas contracts, coupled with a desire to not be "spaced out." In the next Kriya, stage 3, the colored lights ignite into one star extending to the farthest reaches. The colors are pushed farther than ever, without leaving center. Funicula sees Matilde of the Red Hand and St. Germaine preparing a network in space.

March 28, 1980 Funicula feels increasinly as if she's interacting with invisible light that she has previously evoked. March 29 Breathing to both the Gap and the "Not Gap." How not to believe in space. The stuff of the Gap is not either-or, but both. The next step is to leave her head and place her consciousness at the center of the Gap. She wants to go beyond "seeing" with her eyes. On day 9, March 31, there is the final loss of colors. The 2 colored triangles flip around and get pushed out by their points. Funicula travels astrally in outer space via the full moon. From Sirius she sees a Spin Net she has set up to gather light as a replacement for the color levels. It goes to Sagittarius, Crux, and Cassiopeia. At Crux, she leaves the self that functioned with the color levels. She bears a new self.

Ptah cage for moving light vertically.

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