Full size graphic of the Haptihedron Model
In the book, this page is inserted between pages 18 and 21. They are intended to be seen together after this page is removed from the book.
model of expanded
structure of consciousness.

You will need:

  • printout of the Full size graphic
  • scissors
  • glue
  • tape
  • needle and thread (to hang)
  • color, if desired

The original Brain Cell Information Storage Block is shown as it would appear expanded on the Haptihedron.

For a model of original brain cell, see Vibe Coloring Book information storage block. For a model of 1/2 Tetrahedronal Light Muscle, see Wonder in Aliceland, pages 123 and 125.

Before you make the model, color 18 squares and 8 triangles, if you wish.

  1. Cut on thick lines.
  2. Fold on thin lines (crease around each shape).
  3. Tape end squares (A to striped box in small assembly drawing) together on inside.
  4. Glue triangles 1,2,3,4 to neighboring squares with flaps inside.
  5. Glue flaps B, C, D to inside of model.
  6. Knot end of thread. From inside model, pierce center of E with needle. Pull through until knot is firm against the inside. Leave thread hanging.
  7. Glue remaining triangles, flaps in.
  8. Glue flap F inside. Glue last two squares down over squares marked X. Hang using thread.

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