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Travel, the Gateway of Dreams, March equinox

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classic paso
The Gateway of Dreams is a translation of the name of an environmental sculpture, El Paso de los Suenos. It is a Wholeo ritual space. (That means I like it -- even if it belongs to the city of Sunnyvale.)

The sun is past dawn, but has cleared the building across the street. The sun path is even, the same width as the space between the two parts of the sculpture. This is perfect for the expression of the equinox.

march dawn
In this picture, near the street to the left of the sculpture is the plaque stand. It has now been moved near to where the photographer stands taking this picture. The diagram on the plaque points to Polaris, the North star, which is to the left. East is straight ahead.

Driving to the left on Matilde takes you to NASA Ames and the San Francisco bay. Driving ahead to the right takes you through Santa Clara, San Jose, eventually to Los Angeles.

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