Pitcher Plants at a Restored Meadow in Deer Lake State Park, FL

Pitcher Plant Meadow, YouTube

This is the year when I found out what our park is becoming, which is restored to what it was naturally, before degradation. Plus enhanced for what it can be with management.


On May 10, 2016 a park service ranger told us about the beautiful trumpet flowers on a site that was being recovered at least a year ago. On May 13, I found them. I think this is near DL06_01 on the Areas to Clear map.

Since the mid-1990s when the park started, there has been an effort to clear seepage slopes, prairies, the wetlands areas where carnivorous plants formerly grew. The degradation is mainly due to lack of fire to control the spread of the forest. But fire alone is not a cure. The plants thrive with low nutrients. Which means clearing the biomass.

Pin flags mark white-fringed orchid seedlings planted by the biologists. Seeds gathered from orchid plants in the park were propagated at the Atlanta Botanical Garden to return to suitable restored areas.

These plants are trumpet-leaved or yellow pitcher plant (Sarracenia flava) varieties. Many people call them green pitchers for the color. But they probably are not green pitcher plants (Sarracenia oreophila).

I took the movie standing on the edge, not wanting to trample or diminish these beauties in any way. Here's another view.

This area is called a wet prairie. Back to Pitcher Plant Meadow page.

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