Earthballs on Deer Lake SP Nature Trail, NW FL - 2010

For the fall season of 2010, I started seeing earthballs coming up in Walton county on September 11. These photos are from October 5 and 11. The round forms emerging from the sandy earth are earthballs, mushrooms, and woody growths like shelf lichen. On Flickr, click Caroling's Earthballs and friends, 2010 photoset link. A map tab shows the locations. For the best view of these photos, choose slideshow. With mouse over image the interface controls appear. To see the date and description, click "Show Info". Check Options, "Always show title and info".


This is a Flickr badge showing items in a set called Earthballs and friends, 2010.
Caroling's Earthballs and friends, 2010 photoset Caroling's Earthballs and friends, 2010 photoset

Four of the photos on each date are of the same item. See them side by side for comparison. Track their progress each week on Puffball Watch, 2010-2011. Also, I plan to add new earthballs as they arise.

See also 2009 earthballs, photos December 17, 2009, previous photos of earthballs, and earthball photos and videos near Deer Lake. Note: If flickr is unavailable, the rest of this page will take minutes to load. See Walton county or Florida travel.

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