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Creek Path history

This page is a work-in-progress telling my involvement, when I got onto the path. See project plans below.

3/12/2011 I walked south part, also notes on 3/12 and 3/15. I guess we walked the first of the south part and walked around. The retreat prep on 3/19 did I walk again?

4/4 Nancy and I clipped some and explored.

4/26 walked with Sarah

5/3 walked with Sarah and local neighbor.

5/19 met Jason, the County Commisioner Cecelia's assistant and Chris who maintains the path (who works for Brad) and walked some more.


6/17 before retreat. Did I check it out before that?

9/2/ hiked and requested Jason to do final clearing of north end.

9/24 checked out entire trail maintained

10/1 hiked it again

10/5 with Lori and neighbor

11/6 with Nancy to determine proposed signs

11/7 finish up

12/14 Redo movie, better shorter version with subtitles and narration.


2/1 Discover the bridge to US 331 and the sidewalk at the southern end of the path are newly completed.

2/8 Update movie, Google map, and web pages.



creek from proposed bridge to Hwy. 331See a Google map of the path, existing locations, and proposed signs. See 3-minute movie. See the Walton Outdoors article with photos, "Explore the Creek Trail in Santa Rosa Beach". See the Creek Path page.

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