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Creek Path - 2012 Bridge

Finished in 2012, this bridge provides an alternative to the Tom Thumb access at Sign 7 location. There is highway sign on US 331 visible in the east from this location. Now it has good views of creek water. See photos of the bridge and looking east, south, north or west from the bridge end.


Alternate bridge to US Hwy. 331 This location is marked with a star on the Google map of the Creek Path. The GPS coordinates are 30° 22.123'N 86° 10.850'W. The view is from the paved portion of the Creek Path, looking east to US 331.This bridge it is a short distance to US 331 and its traffic, of course.

arrow signs mark the path Looking south along the creek. When this photo was taken on November 7, 2011, Walton County was in drought condition and many swamps were dried up. I must do comparison photos when the water level comes up. Since there is water here, it can probably be much higher.

South end of the Creek Path

Looking north along the creek.

Looking west to path Looking west from bridge, path to right to north. Path to left to south.


See a Google map of the path, existing features, and proposed sign locations. See examples of local trail signs. See 3-minute movie. See the Walton Outdoors article with photos, "Explore the Creek Trail in Santa Rosa Beach". Back to the Creek Path page.

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