Torreya State Park Trip Description

Florida, 22 November, 2005

This page describes two walks in Torreya State Park, Florida, as shown on the trip map and in photos. Total distance about five miles. See these links:

The first walk starts at the picnic area near the Youth Camp, going northeast towards Rock Creek Primitive Camp. Turn left on the main Torreya Trail heading west along the Apalachicola River. At the fork in the path, take the left branch, called the "River Bluff Trail", to the Gregory House. It is an old southern mansion moved in 1935 from across the river to this commanding site on the high bluffs overlooking the river. Behind the house there is an area planted with the rare Torreya trees. The youngest ones are about two feet tall. Back from the path is a fenced-in older tree, maybe 15 feet tall. As the literature states, "this once plentiful tree was nearly destroyed by disease in the 1960s". Along the trail you see withered stumps that might be the remnants of these trees. All the living Torreya trees in the park are juveniles.

Walk back down the River Bluff Trail. At the junction with the main trail, turn left to continue west along the river bank. Eventually it turns south. At the first fork, turn left to head back east uphill to the picnic area.

The second walk starts at the campground above the Weeping Ridge Trail. Walk downhill until you reach a fenced-in observation deck looking out toward a waterfall grotto. The water seems to spring from the ground, drop about 15 feet and return to the ground. The tree leaning over the top drops a long supporting trunk or root the entire height of the waterfall. Walk back up the hill.

There are many more trails to explore in this park.

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