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A Student Conservation Association (SCA) crew of volunteer interns helped maintain the Florida Trail along the Emerald Coast on March 2, 2010. In this video Trevor Knight, the project crew leader, tells about SCA. The energetic crew shows construction skills: hiking, planning, clearing, carrying, digging, sawing, drilling, bolting, wrenching, laughing, and teamwork in the cold outdoors. They use and maintain power tools: chain saw, electric generator, and drills. Not what they learned in college, but what they adapted from recent bridge building over nearby trail sections in wet, muddy northwest Florida.

With the video camera I exhaust myself keeping out of their way, to their great amusement. What haunts me is how they flow from one task to the next. One load down and on to the next with unrelenting zeal. Ever since the change of the millennium when our culture seems to be entering a repeat of the middle ages, I've needed this sign that there is hope for my species. Thank you SCA people for giving me this vision that all is not lost.

SCA people in this video are Trevor Knight (crew leader), Allyson Buccanero (point person), John Ellis , Diana Portner, Alexandra Bacha, and Halley Brus. FTA people that appear briefly are Tom Daniel (Choctawhatchee Trail Coordinator/Eglin Section leader) and Bob Deckert (Nokuse Section leader).

See also the crew on the work page Building a Bog Bridge and in Tom Daniel's photo.

SCA web pages: SCA video. Historical video. YouTube page. Facebook page.

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