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Florida Trail - Blazing Clear-Cuts on Nokuse

On the Florida Trail Choctawhatee Nokuse section Trail Hog Field Day on January 26, 2010, members replaced posts and blazes following clearcutting and logging of two parts of the trail and fine-tuning a third.

Trail Work

Video: Flash, QuickTime web, QuickTime alternate, or YouTube version. Clearing the forest of Sand Pines and other unwanted vegetation makes way for replanting and restoring the native Longleaf Pine ecosystem. The Nokuse Plantation is implementing its plan in stages. However, when the trail treadway is compromised and blazes are lost, it is up to FTA volunteers to restore the trail for hikers. Periodically, during hikes other problems are discovered, where trail blazes need refreshing or where new posts must mark the trail clearly. Hear how to pronounce No Go See.

These views of the Florida National Scenic Trail are from NW Florida, the panhandle.

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