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Hollington Rd. -> East Hike

This hike alternates forest with open meadow areas. Eventually all will be returned to its native forested nature. It crosses power lines, old roads and a creek with a bridge. Lichens labeled in the movie are jester lichen (Cladonia leporina) and deer lichens: deer moss (Cladonia evansii) and dixie reindeer lichen (Cladonia subtenuis). See also closeups of wiregrass, magnolia, turkey oak, longleaf pine, and woody goldenrod. Plus many other unidentified plants.

It was on the Florida National Scenic Trail starting and ending at the Hollington Trailhead on Hollington Road the morning of November 3, 2009. We hiked 3.67 miles round trip.

The hike continues the Lafayette Creek subsection to the west. We did not see any hunters or arrows. See Magnolia Creek and Lafayette Creek hikes to the west. See the locations on a Google map.

The Nokuse Plantation is the largest private reforestation project east of the Mississippi. The land is being restored to its native character and is a sanctuary for wildlife. The Florida Trail is the only public access to this conservation area.

These views of the Florida National Scenic Trail are from NW Florida, the panhandle. To see the progressive downloading movie on this page, you need get Flash Flash 8+. Update now. The more recent the version, the better the playing. Alternatively, see a QuickTime web, QuickTime alternate, YouTube local, or YouTube version.

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