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Mow and Lop: Eglin section trail maintenance

On 2010-01-12 I saw how members of the Florida Trail Association (FTA) maintain a part of the Florida National Scenic Trail, by mowing and lopping off forest growth on the path. See what it takes and how the Choctawhatchee chapter does it, from getting and loading equipment, driving to trail access, unloading and preparing, to working the trail itself. The location is the Alaqua Section between RR 208 and Alaqua Creek. Since this section of the trail is on Eglin Air Force Base and near test sites, you'll hear a couple of explosions. During hunting season, everyone wears blaze orange clothes to avoid looking like a deer, turkey, boar or whatever is being hunted. Orange hard hats are the preferred head gear. We had to have Eglin permits, too.

These views of the Florida National Scenic Trail are from NW Florida, the panhandle. To see the progressive downloading movie on this page, you need get Flash Flash 10+. Update now. The more recent the version, the better the playing. Alternatively, see a QuickTime web, QuickTime alternate, YouTube local, or YouTube version.

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