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Florida Trail: Inventory - lo-res QuickTime

On May 13, 2014, the work day task of the the Choctawhatchee Chapter of the Florida Trail Association (FTA) Trail Hogs was to take a FNST trail inventory of a newly opened section, the Hwy 331 Trail Expansion. This video records the highlights of the process as performed by Tom Daniel, FTA VP of Trails.

At the activity briefing, Tom says, “Once the trail is built and blazed the next thing you want to do is record the track of the trail and waypoints of different features. This information will be forwarded to different people who are updating the data book for the Florida Trail and we'll send the GPS track to the person who's updating the maps for the Florida Trail. I submitted a notice to hikers that the trail was open. Once the data is recorded and the maps are changed, that's when the notice to hikers will be withdrawn.”

Near work starting point Tom says, “This morning we're going to do from C-6 Rd. south to the crossing of US 331 at the Owl's Head trailhead.”

Standing on the trail on the north side of Eglin C-6 Cutoff Rd. “I just marked a waypoint and I put down the number of the waypoint. Where we are. Turn the track on. I'm going to zero this out” he says, pushing the button on the Measuremark wheel with his foot. Closeup shows the digits 0000 00 in feet and inches.

“Now we're going to start”. At the forest entrance he says “There should be a note here that someone coming from this direction is going to need to turn.” Records “forest road”, the first of many unamed small roads crosssed.

Records especially large Florida Rosemary bush.

Records waypoint at halfway stream.

Records final two waypoints under the power lines and on the centerline of US Hwy. 331.

This work was part of the FTA 331 Trail Expansion. This video is non-commercial and for educational purposes.

Here are links to the Data Book, Maps and Trail Closures and Notices. Back to Highway 331 Expansion Project.

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