Bruce Varner leading hikers on the N two-mile  part of the hike Meadow beauty flower Is that sound an alligator? National Trails Day splash
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Hike on the CRS section 6-6-2015

On National Trails Day 2015, the Choctawhatchee Chapter of the Florida Trail Association led a hike in the still unfinished Choctawhatchee River Section of the Florida National Scenic Trail. See the Meetup site for a description and link to photos: See movie choices above.

In this episode, Bruce Varner, section head, leads hikers on a 4.5 mile hike. That is about half the section being developed by FTA volunteers. It starts off the trail in water with sounds that are possibly alligator. Continues on the trail. Tom Daniel who served as support with a truck and cold beverages that met us on intersecting crossroads, laughs at my rendition of the alligator encounter.

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