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Florida Trail: First FTA Hike on CRS video

Two Florida Trail Association chapters planned to hike the newly opened Choctawhatchee River Section of the Florida National Scenic Trail together on January 14, 2017. About the turn of the new year, rains came and the Choctawhatchee River rose over flood stage. The trail crosses Cypress Creek that backs up when the river floods. The Panhandle Chapter hike leader postponed the hike to February 4. The Choctawhatchee Chapter hike leader watched the flood level reports that appear each morning and night and decided the hike was on.

I hiked through the forest, across the longleaf pine restoration area, up to the creek and over the boardwalk with hikers on both dates. The first hike featured green pines and water over the boardwalk. The second hike featured burned pines and a dry boardwalk. In making a video weaving these varying conditions together into a single CRS hike, I started with comparisons of the same places on different days.

See the comparison photos, hydrographs, and map of the hike I did on January 14, 2017 < - > February 4, 2017.

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