Florida Trail: Panhandle Regional Conference 2012 - Ziplining from Caroling Wholeo on Vimeo. Or see the YouTube playlist version.

FTA Panhandle Regional Conference 2012 - Zip Adventure

This conference was held at Adventures Unlimited, Milton, Florida on Oct. 26-28, 2012. I camped out under the sky for two nights, went to a presentation on Apps for Smart Phones, and had a Zip Adventure. The FTA offered special rate for the Taste of the Tours, which is a series of 7 zip lines (from the Forest Flight course) ending with a 900 foot zip flight over Coldwater Creek (from the Soaring Stream course). It was a 2 1/2 hour adventure with 7 people in the group. Eight people started but one opted out and rapelled down from the tower early.

The conference was sponsored by the Florida Trail Association Western Gate Chapter and included the other NW Florida chapters: Choctawhatchee and Panhandle. For details see the Meetup site: http://www.meetup.com/ftawesterngate/events/65092212/ or the FTA site: http://westgate.floridatrail.org/Conference%20Registration%202012.htm.

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