New crescent moon Moon over Sand Pond at Pine Log SF Pine Log trees reflected in Sand Pond Feathery water plant Lily pad arabesques in Sand Pond at Pine Log SF Shirley Hearn, FTA work camp gathering cook pepper-like seed pods Yaupon berries Sky view from inside tent Tent site at sunrise Sunrise through trees Tent window over morning mist Sunset reflection in Sand Pond 55° temperature at sundown near Sand Pond Leaf and leaves Sunrise through woods Sunrise through woods closer Sunrise through woods farther away Sunlit forest trees Sunlit forest and tent Rhythmic tree trunks In tent view Golden-leaved mobile over forest Glowing leaf Campground Trail marker overgrowth

Pine Log State Forest camping, 2015

Beauties on my path in and out of tent at Pine Log State Forest from November 13-16, 2015. I was there in association with and attending part of a Pine Log Gathering of the Florida Trail Association. See these photos and more on the Meetup event site.


Video: Pine Log GatheringSee video of two work days on YouTube or Vimeo. For my (very) personal comments, see the weB log and read up.

The Florida Trail goes through Pine Log. This event supported maintenance and rerouting construction on the Nokuse and Choctawhatchee sections of the trail.

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