earthballs on Econfina section of Florida Trail

LNT Principle #4: Leave What You Find

"Leave What You Find" is my assignment on the LNT camping trip as described on the Leave No Trace website.

Details are on this page: They include these topics: minimize site alterations, avoid damaging live trees and plants, and leave natural objects and cultural artifacts.

The photo above is something found along the trail. These earthballs were the only ones I saw on the entire two-day hike. I always leave earthballs intact now. But I can imagine someone (maybe me a few years ago) poking at them to see what is inside. Or possibly digging them up to transplant in a backyard. They do look strange, exotic, and intriguing. Leaving them allows the fungi to thrive and lets others make the same find.

See Leave No Trace Training on Econfina Creek.

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